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Period Package Donations

Harold E. Winkler Middle School

March 14th 2024

For Women’s History Month, we created a type of donation called Period Packages. These packages are like love boxes filled with period products such as pads and tampons, as well as cards, candies, and more. Through our Student Ambassador Program, many were able to create a card about a female figure that was meaningful to them or created an impact in the world.

Though donating just period products may be effective however for students who are stigmatized because of menstruation may feel restricted from asking for a pad or tampon from their school’s nurse office. We wanted these packages to feel like a comforting way to learn about necessities, especially to students who feel stigma around their menstruation because of period poverty.

These are only a few of many of the cards our Student Ambassadors created.

North West Middle School

Along with the Period Package Donation at Harold E. Winkler Middle School, we also donated a 100 packages to North West Middle School.

What was inside the Period Packages?

In the packages, there are period products: large pad, liner, and tampon. We also printed out each card (16 different female role models) that came is variety of colors and designs. Along with everything, we placed sweet treats such as chocolate, Sour Patch Kids, M&M’s, and more. Thanks to all the donations and events we were able to make this donation possible.

In total, we created 200 Period Packages for middle schools in the Cabarrus County School District.