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About Us

Our Mission

Combat Period Poverty and Reduce Menstrual Stigma

How it started?

"Through Liv & Pulseritas I created bracelets that I learned from Argentina to fundraise for products. In the beginning, this sister branch was just an Instagram with pictures of bracelets that I learned to make during my exchange but kick started what Liv & Cur became today. That same ambition to create change laid the foundations for a non-profit."
- Hanna Curie Lee

Founder of Liv & Cur

Founder of Liv & Cur and Youth Ambassador Exchange Alumni

Hanna Curie Lee

After my exchange in Argentina in the summer of 2023, through the Youth Ambassadors Exchange Program, I learned so much about Argentina and the world. Period poverty and menstrual stigma has always been a part of my life. I never had someone to teach me about what to use or what to buy so I had to learn everything by myself. Around the world, there are far more severe cases and experiences from what I have experienced. I knew that there was a need for change in my generation so that the following generation of girls do not have to worry about there next period or the stigma that surrounds it.